🎉🌱 Attention Community Members! 🌱🎉

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Welcome to our all-new community platform which has officially opened up its virtual doors TODAY. With brand new features and forums, radicant community members – like yourself – will be at the forefront of our latest product releases, features on the banking app, and so much more! 🚀 

Here's what you can look forward to: 

📲 We want to hear from you! Share your groundbreaking ideas for new product features, vote for your favourites, and co-create our app with us. 

💸 Learn how to get started with investing... it’s much easier than you think! Finally, you can put your money to good use and start creating a positive impact for the world. 

🤝 Showcase your very own sustainability initiatives – whether it’s a startup, crowdfunding initiative, circular economy project, or anything else that is close to your heart. Get your fellow community members involved and ask for their feedback on your projects – together we can co-create a real impact! 

📅 Be the first to know about our upcoming events... and why you won’t want to miss them!  

🔍 Take a look behind-the-scenes and find out about our next generation banking services. 

🏆 Participate in our regular community challenges to win exciting prizes, and rise up the leaderboard to become the “community radiHero” 

We’ve created a series of walk-through videos in our "Get Started" section to showcase each of the new community sections. It’s everything you need to know to get started in the community. Welcome! 

🌿 Your Community Team 

Arlette, Leyla, Marta & Sabrina 


P.S. Want to spread the news? Simply share this community sign-up link with your friends and colleagues. 

Get ready to join us on this brand new journey towards a more sustainable and rewarding future! 

Questions? We’re here to answer them at [email protected]