From old to circular fashion

radicant Administrator, Moderator Posts: 47 admin

1. Do you purchase 2nd hand fashion

2. Has your purchase behaviour changed?


  • MollyLee
    MollyLee Administrator Posts: 6 admin

    I do not buy 2nd hand fashion ... yet ...

    However, I repair my clothes or get them fixed whenever possible. I try not to buy from fast fashion providers but it is not so easy as thought ...

  • Carina
    Carina Member Posts: 19 Sapling

    No, have never purchased 2nd hand fashion...would be interested to learn more

  • Dani
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  • larsps
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    I only buy expensive stuff and make it last for an eternity. Never tried to buy 2nd hand ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

    Meaning buying cheap and eventually be forced to trashing the items is terrible for achieving a circular economy. Expensive stuff can be resold or repaired and keeps a certain value

  • Mik
    Mik Member Posts: 4 Germ

    Nope, not yet

  • elisebkt
    elisebkt Member Posts: 2 Seed

    There are many second hand stores in Zurich! And if not, a lot are considered as eco friendly ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Vicky B.
    Vicky B. Member Posts: 4 Germ

    Does anyone have any good tips for affordable and trendy second hand shops in Zรผrich?

  • Tiziana
    Tiziana Member Posts: 10 Sapling

    Ja ich habe second Hand Kleider gekauft immer wieder

  • roque
    roque Administrator Posts: 1 admin

    Not so much, if there is a good option, I would definitely consider!

  • AndrePLopes
    AndrePLopes Member Posts: 2

    Second hand is best, especially when the shop lets you buy in bulk weight of fabric - there's a few thrift stores in Lisbon I highly recommend!

  • Clara
    Clara Member Posts: 3 Germ
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    Yes, I actually purchase a lot of 2nd hand fashion and I am very supportive of circulating clothes. The fashion industry is not sustainable at all.

  • Eve
    Eve Sustainability Expert Posts: 26 Evangelist

    My friends always made fun of me because I had the same cloth since college. But now, I am very proud of keeping them for a while, this is better for our planet :)

  • cindypge
    cindypge Member Posts: 1 admin

    Yes, I bought 2nd hand fashion, but I didn't find too many options in Zurich.

  • noahch
    noahch Member Posts: 2 Seed

    I almost never buy second hand, but I stopped buying cheap clothes that are probably produced under bad circumstances.

    I also donate a lot of clothes I do not use anymore.

  • SI
    SI Member Posts: 15 Germ

    I have never purchased 2nd hand fashion, need to learn more about where to buy that

  • janposer
    janposer Member Posts: 5 Germ

    Yes, I have started using my old stuff. It comes back into fashion after 10 years

  • Kirstin
    Kirstin Sustainability Expert Posts: 13 Germ
    1. I buy about 90% of my clothes in second hand shops, since 2 years.
    2. Yes, slowly but steadily for 4 years
  • Alexej
    Alexej Member Posts: 1 Seed

    Unfortunately not much options for men available if you don't take your time to search for a longer time. Always looking but nothing bought yet.

  • Nico_
    Nico_ Member Posts: 2 Seed
    1. I do buy and sell what I can, I draw the line with underwear though
    2. In some ways yes, however, if I really need something, you can't be sure to find it and I might end up in a fashion store quickly
  • martinm
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    I've especially bought 2nd hand fashion for my son. Only seldomly for myself. I try to buy long-lasting products and keep them for as long as possible.

  • Nico
    Nico Member Posts: 10 Germ

    of course! Especially for my kids!

  • chandanroul
    chandanroul Member Posts: 1 Seed

    No, I have never bought 2nd fashion, but I prefer to use my clothes or accessories for a really long period.

  • mattu96
    mattu96 Member Posts: 3 Germ

    2nd clothes are in every sense sustainable and supports creativity and local stores

  • Arlette
    Arlette Administrator, Moderator Posts: 9 admin

    Yes! and it's important to follow the 3r โ†’ re-use, recycle, repair

  • Elen_Witch
    Elen_Witch Member Posts: 2

    I purchase almost exclusevely second hand, but I also donate and accept gifts. I follow some speficic groups on fb where one can meet other givers and expand his/her circular community.

  • Juli
    Juli Partner Posts: 8 Seed

    I would also be interested to try out a nice 2nd hand store - please share some recommendations